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Redefining the Toronto UX Design Meetup

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  • Oct 14, 2014 |
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We’ve been building our meetup for 6 months, and with much success and lessons learned, here’s where we’re driving the meetup community in 2015.

We’d love to hear your thoughts. You can e-mail Ricardo and I with feedback or if you’d like to get involved

If you haven’t already, you should .

First, some stats:

  • 6 meetups
  • 780+ attendees
  • 717 members
  • 3 amazing venue sponsors (DMZ + Playground Inc, & Shopify).
  • 10 Startup roundtables
  • 2 Group discussions
  • 1 awesome Q&A panel with Tom Emrich, and a 2 neat talks.
  • 10 Design Jobs shared
  • 9 amazing organizers

How awesome is that? Thanks so much for making it happen.

Setting a Foundation

6 months of continuous planning:

From the first meetup back in May, I set out on a strategic plan to use 6 months heading into the end of the year to experiment with hosting, preparation requirements, understanding the audience, purpose, and what success should look like at these events.

The goal hasn’t been to nail down the perfect meetup, it was to engage the community in unbiased content, through unfiltered feedback, to show and maintain vulnerability, and to use experimentation of content and format to learn and authentically build a strong foundation for our community going forward.

A Recap:

After 6 events and an equal 6 months of planning and learning, we’ve gathered a lot of interest and feedback on these themes:

  1. Process: UX Design + Design Thinking.
  2. Designing Wearables and the IoT.
  3. Workshops with Startups (huge hit).
  4. Discussions on design process, and building design teams.
  5. Design Education & Learning.
  6. Design Battles! So much fun. Check out the photo’s on twitter.


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