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Work and Work Some More for Little Benefit to

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  • Oct 16, 2014 |
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Most of us wish there was a formula to achieve success. While this isn’t the case, Jenn Schiffer, open source engineer and enthusiast, shared her personal formula. Given that she has already achieved success at a consulting company and has been yelled at on the Internet by at least 100 guys — all before turning 30 — Jenn has definitely earned something, I guess.

The Beginnings

Jenn started out as a Computer Science major at a state university. From the beginning, she was told she did not belong, up until she earned her Masters and a full-time job. She was unable to prove to her colleagues that she got the job on merit — instead of the fact that she had what some doctors call a “vagina” — so she moved on to other ventures. Despite the fact that she is not rich or an expert in any specific field and has not yet rage-quit the industry, the fact that she is a living breathing woman with a job means that she somehow managed to “make it” in tech.

How She “Made It” in Tech

Jenn’s tips for achieving success:


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